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Fabory Introduces LUBRINOX, Lubricated Fasteners

Lubrinox is the only fastening solution with a high-end lubricating coating. Fastening stainless steel bolts and nuts is faster than ever, with or without extra locking agent. This saves time, money, energy and materials, while the quality of the connection is guaranteed. The superior coating on Lubrinox prevents seizing. 

Lubrinox is FDA approved (FDA 21 CFR 75.300 & EC 1935/2004). This makes it a perfect choice for machine manufacturers in the food industry and in industries such as the process industry, steel construction, electrical engineering, the medical industry and general mechanical engineering.

Installation with Lubrinox is clean and dry. The coating keeps hands and tools hygienic. It does not stain and does not attract dirt.

Jos Lavrijsen, product category manager at Fabory adds, "By listening carefully to customers in specific market segments, we can make our assortment even more relevant to those specific industries. In good cooperation with specialized partners, we have developed Lubrinox."