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On track for successful fastenings

After the fischer channel system consisting of anchor channels and T-head bolts proved to be an international success, fischer is now launching the fixing solution in Germany. At the same time, the company is expanding the system with a new generation of InnoLock FES cast-in channels that are setting new standards. fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG Corporate Communications Klaus-Fischer-Straße 1 72178 Waldachtal Buildings, industrial and energy plants, stadiums, lifts and airports - challenging construction projects require fixing solutions that can carry heavy loads, be processed efficiently and integrated into digital processes (BIM). The anchor channel system by the fischer Group of Companies fulfils all of these requirements.

Anchor channels - fixing solutions for high retaining values

Facades, HVAC installations, lifts, machinery, noise barriers and many other applications can be carried out with fischer system solutions even under high requirements. Cold-formed (FES C) and hot-rolled (FES H) versions of the anchor channel system cover various construction situations and requirements while fastening in cracked and non-cracked concrete together with suitable T-head bolts. The anchor channel system is highly adaptable and flexible, saving time and money while preventing damage to the existing concrete structure.

The advantages in day-to-day construction are evident, as time and energy-intensive drilling is no longer required, particularly in the event of heavily reinforced concrete which results in drilling dust that poses a health risk. This accelerates the progress of construction while improving health protection, occupational health, and environmental management during projects.

In addition to its regular range, fischer offers tailored solutions and curved anchor channels used in specialist constructions such as arched walls or shells. These solutions also comprise channels with welded anchors and other solutions.

Total interlocking for maximum retaining values

fischer now offers the fully hot-dip galvanised InnoLock FES as an expansion of the range. It is based on a newly developed and patented production method with a lower energy input than hot-rolled anchor channels. The channel is setting new standards in dimensional accuracy and material strength. The wide, robust interlocking between the rail and T-head bolt creates connections that can withstand high loads even along the rail’s longitudinal direction thanks to their locking mechanism. At the same time, the interlocked connections and tightening torque make installation safe, quick and easy.

The patented lip geometry (tiered channel lips) provides high retaining values for tensile, shear and longitudinal loads. Thanks to a sophisticated function concept, the T-head bolt remains securely connected to the anchor channel with a flush fit even under maximum loading. A newly developed sealing solution reliably prevents concrete slurry from penetrating the rail during the concreting process, so there is no need to additionally mask the rail on the construction site. The seal was designed so that it can easily be removed before mounting the T-head bolt.

An important aspect for planners and users is that the entire fischer channel system product portfolio is assessed (ETA) and can be used for designs as per EN 1992-4 and EOTA TR047. As part of a comprehensive system solution, fischer offers the Channel-Fix design software within the fischer FiXperience Suite, a user-friendly and reliable method to verify anchor channels. Various combinations consisting of anchor plates, concrete grades, loads, anchor channels and additional reinforcements can easily be modelled and optimised according to a specific fastening scenario. Detailed or short form PDF reports (including formulas) make it easier to check the results.

fischer’s anchor channel system is a versatile, secure and economical fixing solution. fischer supports planners and users with its in-house design software and comprehensive service. Providing this comprehensive approach of offering product solutions and services from a single source offers added security and cost-effectiveness when carrying out fixing tasks with various requirements.

Construction with a system: The pre-assembled and cast-in fischer anchor channels with tailored T-head bolts combined with Building Information Modelling (BIM) accelerate the construction process, provide added security and lower the overall project cost. (Image 1)

New spheres of safety: The fischer InnoLock FES cast-in channel is setting new standards in dimensional accuracy and material strength. With the wide, robust interlocking between the rail and Thead bolt, the innovation achieves maximum retaining values together with other technical features. (Image 2)

Unlimited applications: InnoLock perfectly fits into fischer’s established range of cast-in channels. This allows construction projects with various requirements to easily be carried out with systems and services from a single source. (Image 3)