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Metalac SPS: 70 years

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


Originally founded by Brazilians at 1953, currently member of PCC USA, the fastener manufacturer has flying toward to consoled as global aerospace provider

While the Ford Motor Company inaugurated the first serial assembly line in its Brazilian unit, on São Paulo City, at 1953, that same neighborhood the Metalac was starting its activities, as a cylindrical head bolts with internal hexagon manufacturer.

With a new leadership from on 1957, under the control of the Júlio Milko and Léo Braun, respectively a Hungarian and a North American, the company starting a new era combining growth and modernization fast. 

As example, since 1959 the company has been already part of the supply chain on multinational automakers with installed in the country, as Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, allocating his bolts lines to use in cars, trucks and buses, including items for critical applications.

Associated with the North American SPS Technologies since 1966, in 1979 occurred a most important of its transformations with the moving to Sorocaba city, 110 km away from São Paulo, in an area where that has more than 42 thousand m2 are made up of manufacturing area.

Since 2003 all operations of SPS were sold to the Precision Castparts Corp (PCC), USA, a producer of wide range of complex metallic products for aerospace and industry, in which the Metalac come becoming a source of aerospace fasteners. That operation from 2019 that has involving robust investments on local producing of bolts and nuts to use in landing gear and braking systems on planes, according to Rodrigo Barranqueiro Egêa, the plant manager of Metalac, a unit that has more than 300 employee directs, 37 thousand m2 of factory area and 53 tons/day production average, mainly to automotive sector, his traditional activities more than 70 years.