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More than 10 thousand tons fastener to motorcycle sector

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


It´s known by all the substantial share of automotive fastener sector in the motorcycle manufacture, including items of critical applications involving safe of people. 

During his assembly process, each motorcycle demand of 6 kg average among bolts, screws, nuts, and others, according to Rubens Cioto, the director of the Fastening Technological Center (Centro Tecnológico de Fixação).

Both automobiles and motorcycles that have been produced in Brazil under the Completely-Knocked-Down (CKD) production concept. So, not necessarily local moto makers buy fasteners just made in Brazil.

Anyway, the local market in 2023 can overcome the demand of more than 10 thousand tons because the motorcycle sector has increasing during the last five years, with prediction to achieve around 1,7 million until end of year. Also so, there a dream possibility to overcome the two million barriers still in 2024, a result got at last time in 2012, with more than 2,136 million units. 

Over the Q1 2023 the local moto makers put on market 397,070 new units, 21.37% above the good Q1 in 2022 (40.61% above the Q1 2021), a performance as the table show.