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FEY: a new time

A Brazilian fastener market traditional, and an international fastener supplier, the FEY announced actions involving a branding innovation. One most important fastener manufacturing in South America, the company portfolio has items as bolts, screws, nuts, and similar, items provided to industries of agricultural and road machineries, as so automotive sectors.

Almost total under management of second familiar generation, and with the focus on the future, specially about its overseas operations, in July last his board company announced the conclusion about a branding update process.

"These actions do not is made just about the company identity visual renovation. It´s mean going beyond, translating those in which we believes, and the proposals that move us for the future, that mean seek solutions together, through cold and hot forming process, achieving formidable results", said the marketing and new business manager, Bruno Maia, concluding: "The brand adaptability, with presence on several countries, and his rising are refourcing through the Portuguese slogan 'Dando forma ao que o mundo precisa.' ('Shaping what the world needs').

The branding reinforcement work is part of a series of investments that the company has been carrying out over the last four years, which add up to more than R$ 80 million and include areas of technology and people preparation. 

Another factor that the company intends to strengthen in its market positioning are the three factors that mark its performance: sustainable development. Since FEY is a partner of the UN (United Nations Organization) and signatory of the ODS Movement (Sustainable Development Goals); its innovation movement, reinforced with development and its own laboratory for the creation of products and verticalized production; and the strength of the brand, which is characterized by being a family business, reinforced by the complement of professional leaders, investment in technology and sustainable growth.

With annual revenues of R$ 500 million, 8% of which come from exports, FEY has a production capacity of 3,200 tons/month and has more than 750 employees. In addition to the already consolidated portfolio, it also develops tailor-made projects, especially for customers such as large car manufacturers and agricultural implements, a strategy that aims to add even more value to its deliveries. It is also present in the distribution area, in the aftermarket and other sales channels.