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Clamping nut ESG

ENEMAC, the clamping specialist offers now the new series ESG clamping nut, which perfectly complements the established types ESB and ESD.

The clamping force is strengthened by a special crown-gear transmission with a rectangular deflection of the rotation and lateral manual operation. Thanks to the newly designed power transmission elements, ESG achieves significantly lower height and overall compact dimensions compared to the ESB and ESD types which allows its use in extremely cramped conditions.

By turning a small nut, which is attached to the side of the housing, the internal gear is driven with a minimum force effort and the counterpart is tightened.

The principle is simple, the effect very large, because this concept allows a clamping force of 12 t to be manually applied by each worker. Thread sizes from M16 to M30 are available.

The power clamping nut is screwed onto the existing bolt, then tightened through the lateral hexagonal bolt to the specified torque using a commercially available torque wrench. The clamping nut secures your workpiece or tool safely and quickly.

The series ESG has been designed for workpieces and tools with a varying component size since the screw depth is not restricted due to the continuous thread.

For harsh environment applications there are special variants such as high temperature versions up to 673 K.

Optionally available is a version with additional disc spring package for compensation of the clamping upstroke, which is recommended when clamping heavy compactor dies for the higher operation safety.

The ENEMAC power clamping nuts can be used at any time, whether by the original equipment manufacturer or as a retrofitting element.