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Strong-Drive® SDPW Deflector Screw

The Strong-Drive SDPW Deflector screw from Simpson Strong-Tie is a premium structural fastening solution for connecting non-load-bearing walls to trusses and joists. With tested lateral-load ratings that meet building code requirements, the SDPW screw is value engineered for strength, installation speed and safety. Offset driver bits and a driver extension maximize installation speed and safety while minimizing installed cost. The SDPW’s screw and polymer sleeve permit the naturally occurring differential deflection between the wall and the supporting member without squeaking.

Key Features

·      Deep 6-lobe recess for secure driving
·      Polymer sleeve allows for deflection without squeaks
·      Interior-grade E-coat for dry service applications
·      Offset driver bit (6-lobe) drives SDPW Deflector screw to predetermined screw depth
·      Available in 3 1/2", 5" and 6" lengths


·      Non-load-bearing partition walls to trusses and joists

SDPW19600 — Strong-Drive® SDPW Deflector Screw — 0.195 x 6 — Grey

SDPW Deflector Screw solution with Vertical Movement and Direction of Deflection